🚀 V5 trading platform live on mainnet! (October update)

The state of our platform only a few months ago.

🎉 $20m+ daily volume less than 48h after the successful v5 launch on the Polygon mainnet!


If you want to discover all improvements coming with the v5, please read the previous Medium article.

⚗️ Full medium-term roadmap.

1. Trading contest

2. Whitelabel/Referral partnerships

3. Continuous UI/UX optimizations

4. Adapt existing tools to use the new contracts

5. Open DAI staking in the vault to everybody

6. Stats dashboard

7. List BTC and ETH pairs for all cryptocurrencies

8. Explore potential cross pairs between cryptocurrencies and forex

9. List more cryptocurrency and forex pairs

10. Explore new markets: commodities, stocks, and indices.

11. Move website to gains.trade, rebrand, 1:1000 token split

12. Social aspect of the front-end

13. Last trading contracts update

14. Expand the ecosystem to another chain

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for the next Medium update.





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