👨‍💻 Roadmap for the next 2 weeks

Hi everyone,

In this post, we will see what’s planned for the GFARM2 ecosystem in the short-term!

You will be able to stake GFARM2 and own a part of the NFT exchange, by receiving ETH rewards!

1. NFT Exchange + GFARM2 staking ✨

The contract is ready, it has been unit tested with 100% coverage, and a test deployment to ropsten was made to make sure everything is running smooth.

The front-end has been finished the last few days, so we are ready to deploy anytime!

We will deploy the contract in the next few days.

Both the exchange and the pool will be running immediately after the deployment.

But you won’t be able to unstake from the GFARM2 pool for 1.5 days because I have to grant the contract the “burner” role (10% burn when unstaking)


2. Full audit results 🔎

They will come in about a week.

(I have already received a preleminary report that shows there is no vulnerability or bad logic in our contracts)


3. Trading contract update 📈

The trading platform was running smoothly, everything was working as planned.

However, we saw day after day that way more traders were winning (the stats were absurd).

Only to discover that the Uniswap price of ETH/USD is significantly lagging behind Binance and other centralized exchanges.

We have therefore used the pause function to prevent any new trades from being opened, and we will update the contract

We have kept admin rights with a 1.5 day timelock, so we can always upgrade our trading contract!

We have 2 choices:

  1. implement a very big spread and limitations on the trades
  2. use another oracle than uniswap for the price

We have chosen to use another oracle to fix this lagging problem.

This will have major benefits:

  1. We will be able to almost add as many pairs as we want (before, it had to have >$100m of liquidity on Uniswap to allow decent position sizes)
  2. It makes flashloan attacks impossible, since the oracle can’t be manipulated on-chain anymore.
  3. It will allow for bigger position sizes
  4. We won’t have to limit the number of trades per block to a very small number.

Also, we will optimize the trading contract to use less gas, for example by reducing the number of token transfers.

This contract update should take 2 weeks to be fully implemented, approximately.

I’ll keep you updated with the progress! Thank you for the amazing support.

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