Rebranding to Gains Network.

After several months discussing and deliberating within the community, a decision has been reached.

The website will move to, a product of Gains Network.

GfarmV2 will finally rebrand to be known as the “Gains Network”. The token will be called “Gains Token”, with the ticker $GNS.

The current website ( will be moved to, and will redirect automatically to

We also own the domain name for our next product, and It will be the common homepage for all our current and upcoming products.

The rebrand is the first step on the path to making the best possible decentralized leveraged trading protocol for everyone to use.

This will compound with the most recent update and future partnerships, leading to a very exciting future for us to look forward to.


  1. Move trading website ( to
  2. Get the token migration contract & transition process for the trading contracts audited by CertiK
  3. Rename the project to Gains Network
  4. Start the token migration (1:1000 swap from $GFARM2 to $GNS)
  5. NFTs migration → new art for the NFTs and add metadata

The ERC20 token migration process should be done in about 2 weeks (depending on the speed of the CertiK audit).

The NFTs will be migrated and have brand new art as well as integrated metadata in a few months from now.

The migration won’t have an end date, so don’t worry. You will have all the time you need to migrate to the new token.

Instructions will come shortly before the token migration starts.

A 1:1000 token split means if you currently have 1 $GFARM2 you will receive 1,000 $GNS = same USD value.

The price of the $GNS token will simply be 1000x lower than the current $GFARM2 price (split inflation)



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