Migrating $GFARM2 to $GNS

We are truly excited to have a project/token name that reflect the quality of the work being accomplished.

The main part of our rebrand is the migration to a new token, the “Gains Network” token. It is a 1:1000 token split, so you will receive 1000 $GNS for every $GFARM2 you migrate.

Therefore, the supply will be 1000x higher and the token price will be 1000x lower. Your percentage of the circulating supply will remain the same.

For example if you currently have 1 $GFARM2, you will receive 1000 $GNS after migrating, which will have the same value.

The goal is to have a similar supply to most cryptocurrency projects (100m max supply) and to be able to track inflation/deflation more easily without having to use too many decimals.

🚀 Instructions

$GNS token address: 0xE5417Af564e4bFDA1c483642db72007871397896

As a token holder

Simply migrate your GFARM2 tokens to the new GNS token using the interface on our website: gains.trade/bridge

Note: There won’t be an end date to the migration, you will still be able to migrate your GFARM2 tokens to GNS in 6 months for example.

As a GFARM2/DAI liquidity provider:

  1. Unstake your GFARM2/DAI LPs and NFTs from the “Trading pool v5”
  2. Withdraw your liquidity on Quickswap
  3. Migrate the GFARM2 tokens from your liquidity to GNS
  4. Add back liquidity to the new GNS/DAI pair
  5. Stake your LPs again in the new “GNS Pool V5”

You can access our pools here: gains.trade/pools

As a trader:


Update: The token transition in our smart contracts has been successful, and we received awesome feedback from the community!

A new era begins…





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Gains Network

Gains Network


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