📅 Mid-September Update!

Gains Network
3 min readSep 15, 2021


The unit tests for the brand new v5 trading update are done! The v5 trading contracts are now ready.

Achieved so far (contracts) ☄️

  • UX improvements: DAI trading (open trades with DAI, and receive DAI when closing a trade), automatic TP at max % gain, fees on leveraged position instead of collateral.
  • Better tokenomics: Opening a trade converts the full DAI collateral to GFARM2 and burns it, closing a trade doesn’t mint GFARM2 and sell directly → instead DAI is taken from vault which can be slowly refilled by minting and selling GFARM2 over a longer period of time.
  • New trading features: market with closed hours support (eg. forex), multiple open limit orders per pair, update open limit orders, …
  • Better upgradability: trading platform divided into 3 more contracts (trading, storage, callbacks) → storage contract contains all open trades & orders and will never be redeployed.
  • Limitations removed: Full price protection against GFARM2/DAI, profits limited to 10x (900%) instead of 5x (400%).
  • Technical improvements: Combine and invert chainlink feeds (eg. BTC/USD + ETH/USD → BTC/ETH), open interest stored separately for shorts & longs, contracts now use the latest version of solidity 0.8.7 (previouly 0.6.12)
  • Oracle improvements: Chainlink nodes paid in % of trading volume instead of fixed fee per request → better incentive (+ less expensive to execute limit orders for small position sizes)
  • Farm: Quick rewards support (3 sources of APR: leveraged trading fees, swap fees, QUICK rewards), NFT vaults forbidden, bronze & silver NFTs can be staked too, rebalanced NFT bonuses (3%, 5%, 8%, 13%, 21%).

The new v5 contracts (trading, storage, callbacks, aggregator, vault, pool) have been unit tested with 100% coverage, and CertiK will start auditing them in a few days.

Roadmap 🚀

Short-term (< 1 month)

  1. Testnet deployment
    Deploy the whole platform to the Mumbai testnet to test everything and upgrade the website and the nft bot more easily.
  2. Adapt website back-end
    Minor changes due to the new architecture and some name changes to the functions in the smart contracts.
  3. Adapt nft bot
    Same as website back-end.
  4. Adapt website front-end
    Support the new trading features and improve based on the feedback of the community.
  5. Mainnet deployment
    Deploy the new contracts to the Polygon mainnet & pause the old trading contract (trades can only be closed, new trades can’t be opened anymore on the old contract).
  6. Marketing & Partnerships
    We are working on potential strategic partnerships with other projects that are really promising. We’ll also start promoting the trading platform with the help of a professional firm, now that we support trading using DAI and that important limitations have been removed.

Medium-term (< 2 months)

  1. Statistics dashboard (trading platform)
  2. Last trading update on Polygon
    Add support for the last trading features (partial closing, add to an existing position, …), open DAI staking in the vault to everyone (more DAI liquidity = better tokenomics).
  3. Deploy NFT exchange on Polygon
    support “buy now” feature and biddings.
  4. Extended statistics dashboard (Pool, NFT exchange)

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