✨ Introducing our own NFT exchange (+ GFARM2 pool 🌱)

The world wasn’t ready for the first DeFi NFTs with a real use case. Let’s build the exchange ourselves!

Congratulations to the first 108 NFT holders! 🎉

💱 Running our own NFT exchange

For example, if you don’t want to sell your NFT for less than 5 ETH, you put this amount as the minimum bid.

Remember, art NFTs without any use case are already being bought for $50k+

🌱 Stake GFARM2 and receive ETH rewards!

The goal of this pool is to reduce the circulating supply, and to give back rewards to GFARM2 holders.

You will be able to stake your GFARM2 tokens and receive passive rewards in ETH!

Thank you for reading :) Join our community! 💬



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