✨ Introducing our own NFT exchange (+ GFARM2 pool 🌱)

The world wasn’t ready for the first DeFi NFTs with a real use case. Let’s build the exchange ourselves!

Congratulations to the first 108 NFT holders! 🎉

💱 Running our own NFT exchange

I have finished working on the smart contract and unit tests. I just need to make the front-end and we can open the exchange!

Remember, art NFTs without any use case are already being bought for $50k+

⚙️ How does it work precisely?

  1. You put an NFT you have in your wallet for sale. You have to precise a minimum bid and the duration.
  2. Your NFT is sent to the exchange contract.
  3. The first bidder makes a bid (above the minimum), he sends his ETH to the exchange contract.
  4. If someone else outbids him, it sends him back his ETH, and the new highest bidder sends his ETH to the contract.
  5. It goes on until the bidding period ends.
  6. After that, the highest bidder can claim the NFT. It sends the ETH from the smart contract to the seller automatically when he claims it.
  7. If no bid was made before the end, the seller can claim his NFT back and keep it or put it for sale again.

🌱 Stake GFARM2 and receive ETH rewards!

You will be able to stake your GFARM2 tokens and receive passive rewards in ETH!

🛠️ How does it work?

  1. 5% fees are taken on each bid of the NFT exchange
  2. 25% fees are taken to the highest bid once an NFT has been sold

⏳ Both features will be implemented soon (≈ 7 days)

Thank you for reading :) Join our community! 💬

Telegram: https://t.me/GFarmTrading



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