gTrade July 2022 Recap

Every day at Gains Network we strive to innovate and improve gTrade — our first product in what will become a suite of DeFi projects dedicated to creating real value.

Our V6.1 Upgrade Success

We are now also able to add more trading pairs than we could before and most of the pairs delisted before have been re-added.

This update has also allowed us to expedite the allowance of higher collateral sizes. So we have increased the threshold back to the previous 100,000 DAI maximum.

You can learn more about the benefits of V6.1 here:

v6.2 & Beyond

This July, the dev team has been fully focused on delivering and setting the scope for v6.2, which consists of $GNS staking for $DAI rewards (this is the first iteration with no locks), a new referral system (with whitelist), price aggregator optimizations for NFT bots’ oracle fee calculations, and more.

You can find more info about v6.2 here (renamed from v6.1.1):

This new development has required a lot of smart contract work and unit testing.

You can see what’s next on the list for the team here:

July Revenue

Ongoing work on the website

We’ve also pushed a solid amount of minor UI / UX improvements such as using a real 24h window to display the 24h changes on the assets listed on gTrade instead of counting from midnight, optimizing our modal system, disabling the 900% TP option for shorts with < 10x leverage (price would need to be < 0), better handling custom DAI allowances, fixing the pending PnL on trades opened on pairs that are currently closed, etc.

Handling our first 2 stock splits

That way every trade that was open on GOOGL for example kept the same PnL percentages and can be closed smoothly, and new trades are opened and closed on the accurate post split price of GOOGL.

New Feedback Form

Faster Order Confirmations

Coinbase Wallet Support


PolyDoge x MaticNews Twitter Space

You can check out the recording here, our bit starts at 45:08 :

TradingView Chart Saving

Link to tweet announcement:

Twitter Space on V6.1

Highest Volume Project on Polygon


The dev team is getting much more organized and efficient at getting tasks done, and made really good progress this month with many UI/UX improvements on the gTrade website.

Finally, the v6.2 update has required our full attention. We will be able to scale our marketing with influencers and projects using new whitelisted referral links. These efforts have also allowed us to become one of the first projects where token stakers really own the protocol with real yield coming directly from the protocol revenue.




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