🎉 GFARM2 + Polygon + Chainlink (Testnet Launch!)

Our decentralized leverage trading platform has officially launched on the Matic testnet! (Mumbai)

Note: The Ethereum testnet we’re using is Goerli and the Polygon testnet is called Mumbai

Full-Scale Testnet Simulation (Goerli-Mumbai)

I wanted to try everything on testnet before deploying anything on mainnet, to make our L2 expansion as smooth and safe as possible.

This is why I reproduced the exact same environment we will have on mainnet:

1. ERC20 Bridge

You can send your GFARM2 Goerli tokens from Goerli to Mumbai and inversely.

2. NFT (ERC721) Swap

Our current NFT contract cannot be bridged as is because there is no way to pass the leverage data through the bridge.

It means for example if you bridge a 150x leverage NFT, once it’s on Polygon there is no way to know what its leverage is.

This is why we will now use 5 NFT contracts instead of 1, which you can get with a 1:1 swap. These 5 new NFTs are the “Bridgeable” NFTs.

You can always get back your original NFT from your bridgeable NFTs, and they use the same IDs.

3. NFT (ERC721) Bridge

Same as for the ERC20 token, you can send your Bridgeable NFTs from Goerli to Mumbai and inversely.

4. Trading + Price Aggregator (Chainlink real-time requests).

The chainlink node operators network we use on testnet is the same as the one we will use on the mainnet.

4 node operators out of 5 have joined the testnet platform, the last one will join tomorrow.

Our contract is very flexible and lets us replace a node operator at any time, as well as listing any kind of liquid markets (crypto, forex, commodities, …)

🚀 Mainnet Launch

At this point we’re only waiting for the Certik audit to launch. It will take 10 days more or less.

In the meanwhile I’m optimizing the front-end and adding new features, to offer the most satisfying trading experience.

One of the goals will be to focus on “social” features, so traders can compare their performances and help each other.

🧪 How to participate on the testnet?

1. Get GFARM2 Goerli tokens

Join our telegram: https://t.me/GFarmTrading, and simply ask

2. Use the bridge to Mumbai

It’s here: https://gains.farm/trading

3. Get Goerli NFTs


Use the function “getNft” and type in the leverage you want (25, 50, 75, 100, or 150).

4. Swap them for Bridgeable Goerli NFTs

Here: https://gains.farm/nft

Use the Testnet NFT swap to get Bridgeable Goerli NFTs from your NFTs.

4. Bridge your NFTs to Mumbai

Finally you can use the bridge to send your bridgeable NFTs to Mumbai so you can unlock higher leverages on the testnet trading platform.

5. Enjoy using the first L2 decentralized leverage trading platform integrated with Chainlink!

Don’t hesitate to give us your feedback on telegram.

Thank you for reading :)



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