🎉 GFARM2 + Polygon + Chainlink (Testnet Launch!)


Our decentralized leverage trading platform has officially launched on the Matic testnet! (Mumbai)

Full-Scale Testnet Simulation (Goerli-Mumbai)

1. ERC20 Bridge

2. NFT (ERC721) Swap

3. NFT (ERC721) Bridge

4. Trading + Price Aggregator (Chainlink real-time requests).

🚀 Mainnet Launch

🧪 How to participate on the testnet?

1. Get GFARM2 Goerli tokens

2. Use the bridge to Mumbai

3. Get Goerli NFTs

4. Swap them for Bridgeable Goerli NFTs

4. Bridge your NFTs to Mumbai

5. Enjoy using the first L2 decentralized leverage trading platform integrated with Chainlink!

Thank you for reading :)



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