📈👨‍🌾 GFARM v2 ecosystem update (3rd day) 🔥

Hi everyone,

It’s only been 3 days since the GFARM v2 launch, and we’re already growing fast! Thank’s to the community.

🟣 GFARM2 Token

  1. 4.4k circulating supply
  2. $600k market cap
  3. 269 holders
  4. 22k transfers

The etherscan info and coingecko listing will come in the next few days!

📈 Decentralized Leverage Trading platform

We are already seeing some good activity on the platform, 100+ trades opened and $50k+ trading volume (24h)!

💰 Everyone can participate in the contest and be eligible to win ($15k prizes), more details here: https://gfarm-v2.medium.com/1st-weekly-trading-contest-15k-in-prizes-6c64f03e7a41

👨‍🌾🚜 Yield farming pools

Our liquidity is growing steadily. Also, The 2nd pool (ETH) will close in 2 days, which will reduce the inflation by 10%.

🔥 Trading (DeFi) NFTs

68 farmers have now claimed their first NFT!

Reminder: You must stake with > 1% of the LPs in Pool 1 to start receiving NFT credits.

Once you start receiving them, even if your LPs staked are less than 1%, you can’t stop receiving them unless you unstake.

The earlier you join, the easiest it is to receive them!

One of the 50x NFTs was sold for 5.5 ETH on Opensea: https://etherscan.io/tx/0x4aa764b25262ffb824c1247e4b23b09688f0d079ffef8708abb341ae2f6f21c7

We are also working to get the NFTs verified on OpenSea.

💵 First gov fund investments

Approximately $4k was spent on marketing (Twitter & Telegram) to boost the ecosystem growth.

0 GFARM2 tokens were sold, we have only used funds from the v1. It benefits everyone and is important at the begining!

We are also working to get the ecosystem reviewed by big youtube influencers.


💬 Join our growing community!


Thank you for reading :)