📈👨‍🌾 GFARM v2 ecosystem update (3rd day) 🔥

🟣 GFARM2 Token

  1. 4.4k circulating supply
  2. $600k market cap
  3. 269 holders
  4. 22k transfers
We are running a trading contest from today (01.18) to friday (01.22)! https://gains.farm/trading

📈 Decentralized Leverage Trading platform

We have also added a table where you can see the last opened, closed, and liquidated trades transparently!

👨‍🌾🚜 Yield farming pools


🔥 Trading (DeFi) NFTs


One of the 50x NFTs was sold for 5.5 ETH on Opensea: https://etherscan.io/tx/0x4aa764b25262ffb824c1247e4b23b09688f0d079ffef8708abb341ae2f6f21c7

💵 First gov fund investments

💬 Join our growing community!





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Gains Network

Gains Network


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