🔒 Full audit results + ✨ NFT Exchange live + 📈 Trading update

Hi everyone

Here is a quick update of what happened in the last few days, and the progress I’m making on the trading contract!

🔐 Full audit results

I am proud to announce our contracts have been fully audited by Certik!

0 critical/major bugs or vulnerability has been found.


This audit included the following contracts: Token, NFT, Farm, Trading

I will also request an audit for the new NFT exchange & GFARM2 staking pool, as well as for the new trading contract when it will be ready.

✨ NFT Exchange

Our NFT exchange is officially live since a few days

20 NFTs have been put for sale, and 7 bids were made for a volume of 4.6 ETH in only 4 days!


🔥 GFARM2 staking for ETH

Everyone can own the NFT exchange and receive a part of the fees in ETH by staking GFARM2!


0.8831 ETH was already distributed to the GFARM2 stakers

This represents an APY of 100%+ in ETH, giving even more value to the GFARM2 token & ecosystem.

📈 Progress on the trading contract

I have made a lot of progress on the upgraded trading contract (using the new oracle), and I am close to having a prototype I can test on ropsten.

The goal is to build our trading platform step by step, by improving it at each iteration.

We will start with only cryptocurrency pairs, and the goal is to eventually expand to stocks, forex, and commodities.

I am also optimizing the contract for gas fees.

A big advantage of using this new oracle is that profits go directly to your wallet when you close a trade.

Before, you had to claim them (it was a security against flashloans but it’s meaningless now). This saves you gas fees as 1 less transactions is required.

Also, the gov & dev fund fees on each trade were sent directly, traders paid the transfer fees, which is bad, it increases the gas fees for each trader.

Now, the gov fund will pay the gas fee to claim them once in a while.

A more detailed post will arrive soon regarding all upgrades made to the trading contract.

Thank you for reading :) 💬 Join the community!




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