Everything that happened. (01.01)

  1. A white hat hacker (@SquirrelDeFi) contacted me yesterday saying that he found a critical bug in the contract. He precised that all LPs were at risk (≈ $2m)
  2. We agreed on a bug bounty, and he showed me the bug.
  3. I realized it was real and all LPs were definetely at risk if nothing was done.
  4. I sent him the bug bounty (5k gfarm) as agreed (https://etherscan.io/tx/0xe4b2c748dbda16167e6717f4d866b2b8501298351f4c85779491d0a6097b58a8)
  5. I sold 25% of the dev fund’s wallet tokens (< 5% price impact) in order to start the v2 with a small fund. It will be mainly used for community contests and bug bounties.
  6. I told everyone in the telegram group to unstake and sell their LPs, and put it as well on the website.





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