🔎 DYOR: Gains.Farm v2 ecosystem


👨‍🌾 Yield Farming

🌾 Pool 1

Earn GFARM2 rewards by providing liquidity for the GFARM2/ETH pair on Uniswap and staking your LPs.

GFARM2 distributed in pool 1 (total): 30,000

Pool 1 GFARM2 distribution

🚜 Pool 2

Earn GFARM2 rewards simply by staking ETH.

GFARM2 distributed in pool 2 (total): 5357


📈 Decentralized leverage trading

This is the core part of our ecosystem.

How does it work?

  1. You use GFARM2 tokens to open new trades
  2. When you open a trade, your GFARM2 are 100% burned.
  3. When you close your trade with a profit, your position size is minted back to your wallet, and your profits are stored.
  4. When you close your trade with a loss, what’s left of your position size is minted back to your wallet.
  5. You can claim your gains whenever you want.

Some more details:

  1. If GFARM2/ETH goes up/down, your position size in GFARM2 decreases/increases proportionnally so your ETH position size always stays the same. It protects you from potential GFARM2/ETH volatility.
  2. Your gains are limited on 400% per trade.
  3. If you lose more than 90% on your trade, you can get liquidated.

This doesn’t create inflationnary pressure on the supply, because it’s well known that at least 50% of traders lose.

The supply should even become deflationnary long-term.

📉 Liquidations

Anyone with a GFARM2 NFT in their wallet can liquidate losing trades and earn 10% of their position size.

🔥 NFTs

Our platform has the first DeFi NFTs ever. They are fully integrated with the trading platform, have real utility, and therefore have real value.

Why are they useful?

  1. They let you liquidate losing trades on the trading platform → passive revenue
  2. They allow you to use higher leverage in the trading platform.

🟣 Gains V2 (GFARM2) Token

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