Latest innovations on the DAI-only liquidity layer (vault) of gTrade, our decentralized leveraged trading platform.


When new users discover gTrade, they often wonder how we can already offer $4,000 collateral sizes at 150x leverage (= $600,000 position size) on 37 cryptocurrencies with only $2.7m liquidity. It is already an impressive achievement, but it’s getting even a lot better.

We can achieve this because of two…

Ready to discover how the future of leveraged trading feels? Let’s get started!

First, before you can open your first trade on the platform, you will need a wallet (Metamask) connected to the Polygon (Matic) PoS chain, MATIC tokens for transaction fees, and DAI tokens (USD stablecoin) to open trades.

1. Setting up your wallet

Please download and install Metamask.

2. Adding the Polygon Network to Metamask

Go to, connect your wallet, and…

To celebrate the success of the v5 and the start of our whitelabel collaboration with SatoshiStreetBets, we are announcing a decentralized leveraged trading contest!

Contest details 🔥

It will happen on the decentralized leveraged trading platform of Gains Network, on the Polygon blockchain.

As SSB is also sponsoring the prize, we kindly ask…

After several months discussing and deliberating within the community, a decision has been reached.

The website will move to, a product of Gains Network.

GfarmV2 will finally rebrand to be known as the “Gains Network”. The token will be called “Gains Token”, with the ticker $GNS.

The current website ( will be moved to, and …

The unit tests for the brand new v5 trading update are done! The v5 trading contracts are now ready.

Achieved so far (contracts) ☄️

  • UX improvements: DAI trading (open trades with DAI, and receive DAI when closing a trade), automatic TP at max % gain, fees on leveraged position instead of collateral.
  • Better tokenomics: Opening…

Important events, and what we are working on.

A lot of development has taken place since the last medium article.

To keep users up to date, here is an overview of all the recently implemented or soon to be implemented changes.

1. 10+ new cryptocurrencies listed on the platform (& UI update)


2. Chainlink integration announced

3. New all time highs for almost all stats 🚀

  1. 24h volume ($120m+)
  2. 24h trades (700+)
  3. GFARM2 price ($700)
  4. Trading pool APR (220%+)

4. Our biggest decentralized trading contest!

5. Staking will be opened to all NFT types

Will take…

Gains Network

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