🎉 $30k trading contest (feat. SatoshiStreetBets)

To celebrate the success of the v5 and the start of our whitelabel collaboration with SatoshiStreetBets, we are announcing a decentralized leveraged trading contest!

Contest details 🔥

It will happen on the decentralized leveraged trading platform of Gains Network, on the Polygon blockchain.

As SSB is also sponsoring the prize, we kindly ask everyone to use their link: https://gains.trade/ssb

Start-End: Monday 15th 0:00 UTC — Tuesday 30th 23:59 UTC
Prizes: $30k ($20k GNS + $10k SSB)

🏆 Prizes distribution:

  1. We will reward the top 5 PnL traders (for trades done during contest only).
  2. You will also need to share two of your winning trades on twitter using the “Share Trade” feature on the website. (Click on an open trade to see it)

🥇 $12,000 ($8,000 GNS + $4k SSB)

🥈 $8,000 ($5,333 GNS + $2,666 SSB)

🥉 $5,000 ($3,333 GNS + $1,666 SSB)

#4: $3,000 ($2,000 GNS + $1,000 SSB)

#5: $2,000 ($1,333 GNS + $666 SSB)

Tip: You will be able to track your position during the contest in the leaderboard shown on the trading page.

Leaderboard reference.

More details on this whitelabel integration, and what it means for the future of the protocol coming soon!

Please ask any question you might have on how to use our platform or move funds to Polygon in our telegram community 💪



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