📈 1st weekly trading contest! $15k in prizes 🔥

📢 We are officially introducing the first GFARM2 weekly trading contest!

The contest begins monday 18th at 0:00 (UTC) and ends friday 22th at 23:59 (UTC)

Already 161 trades opened in the last 24h! https://gains.farm/trading

🤑 How to participate:

  1. When the contest begins, you must have 0 gains left to claim from your last other trades.
  2. You can take as many trades as you want until the end of the contest
  3. You have to claim your gains in a single transaction, before the end (we will only count the gains claimed in your last transaction)
  4. The winners will be the most profitable traders, who claimed the most GFARM2 profits before the end.
  5. Just send us an email: contact (at) gains.farm with the following subject: “[GFARM2 PROFITS]: [YOUR ETHEREUM ADDRESS]”, and include a link to your transaction where you claimed your gains.

💵 The most profitable traders prizes

  1. 1st place = $7k 🥇
  2. 2nd place = $5k 🥈
  3. 3rd place = $3k 🥉

Thank you for reading :) Let the contest begin! 🏁





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